Pedro Miralles started out as a shoe salesman in 1946, but it was not until 1953 that he set up his own company. In 1959 he founded what is today Pedro Miralles, a brand with more than half a century of history and dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of high-quality women’s shoes under the seal “Made in Spain”.

The value of Pedro Miralles lies in the quality of its designs and its aim to offer its customers prestige, quality shoes, always adapted to the latest trends.



During the last two decades, the company has undergone a transformation with the incorporation of new generations in the company. This change represents an important restructuring. In the 1990s the company experienced a period of international expansion with new targets and actions to strengthen the brand’s sound consolidation on the market.

Today, Pedro Miralles is a reference in the sector, thanks to its stylish designs and quality materials, both in the Pedro Miralles brand and in its younger line, Weekend. Furthermore, its design team is immersed in a constant search for trends to guarantee the “Made in Spain” seal.



In Pedro Miralles we have brought together classic manufacturing processes and leading-edge technologies. Craft techniques live side by side with the most advanced technological methods. This, together with the careful selection of materials and our team of professionals with expertise in fashion design, trends and production, make every Pedro Miralles design a clarion of sophistication and wellbeing.


Nationally, we have several shops distributed throughout Spain, as well as our own department in the Corte Inglés department store. More and more celebrities choose us; Paula Echevarria and Anne Igartiburu are just some examples of famous women on the national scene who chose our footwear to complete their looks.

We are strongly committed to our expansion plan and we are crossing borders. We are growing continually, and we are already present in more than 40 countries on 5 continents. To continue with this expansion, we carry out numerous actions, presenting our collection at the main international fairs of the sector such as those of Milan, Dusseldorf and Paris. We keep working to continue the consolidation of the brand in the Fashion sector.