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In our online store you can find a wide range of footwear care products. We have everything you need so you can wear clean, careful footwear, and extend its lifespan for longer.

The possibilities are multiple and varied. Here you can buy creams and foams to revive, clean, polish and brighten your shoes to leave them as new, all at the best price.

Buy shoe care products online next to your favorite pair of shoes.

All the products to take care of your footwear

Clean shoes and care not only last much longer but also offer a positive impression of our image and hygiene.

At Pedro Miralles we want to help you keep your shoes in good condition, so we put at your disposal a series of footwear care products,so that it lasts longer, is cleaner, nicer and, most importantly, is healthier for us and for our feet.

Buy footwear care products online

We have everything you need to wear perfect shoes and as new ones. The footwear care product can be purchased in our online store.

The reviver retrieves the original color of the suede and nobuk and waterproofs the surface.

Shoe cleansing foam comes with built-in sponge so you can leave your shoes perfectly clean. Quick and easy application is perfect to take care of and protect any suede or nobuk shoe as it is colorless. Suede and nobuck cleanser is the ideal product to cleanse your leather product and regain its original color.

The final effect can be given to your shoes with a shoe polishing cream, perfect for any leather shoe, the surface will be shiny and hydrated.

You can buy any of these footwear care products individually or with your new pair of shoes. We're waiting for you!