Women's lounge shoes are the ideal complement to a party look. With a medium heel they can also be very suitable for everyday life or work if you are looking for a more formal look. Aesthetic issues are important but we must also seek comfort, both can be combined.

Choosing a good footwear will provide us with comfort and avoid discomfort and ailments in the feet. Betting on lounge shoes made of high quality materials is a success as it helps regulate foot moisture and the appearance of odors or excessive sweating.

Shoe toes are also an important detail; pointed-finished shoes are often narrower, so it's best to opt for round-toed shoes if you have a wide foot.

Therefore, it is important to choose shoes suitable for our size and foot width as well as the heel height that our feet are able to withstand.

Choose shoes with the right heel height

Choose the heel height based on the occasion and your comfort. A stiletto with a medium heel is always a good choice. A shoe with a medium heel, between 3 and 5 cm, or with a wide heel, provides greater stability and safety when walking and are the ideal choice for those who wear them for many hours or spend time standing.

The high lounge shoes, with a heel height of more than 5 cm, are perfect for styling the figure and very suitable for special occasions and parties. If you want to wear high heels but go comfortable, choose those that have a bit of platform as you are much more comfortable.

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Not only is the design important, but also the color, as some shades help to stylize the figure or give a special touch to your look.

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Choose the model and color you like the most and the size you need. Remember that a proper size should never press the foot, but the shoe should not be loose either.

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