Heeled sandals

Discover the heeled sandals Weekend

The good weather arrives and every year we are presented with a diatribe: comfort and freshness, or elegance. We women no longer want to have to choose. Sandals Weekend Pedro Miralles are a great option that combines all those features. Let's find out why.

The Weekend heeled sandals have about 9 cm in height balanced with a platform of 2.5 cm; you will feel you walking on a fluffy cloud. Most of our modern heeled sandal models feature three interlaced strips that perfectly pick up the foot. They are made with soft insoles and padded 100% rubber to protect the feet of long days. In addition, we have a wide variety of designs to perfectly combine all the sets you wear.

Why choose Weekend sandals from Pedro Miralles

Its preparation takes place in Spain. Since we value the fashion of proximity, with the mind always set on our clients. We are committed to quality materials, which makes our sandals Weekend resistant and durable.

In addition, by buying on our website, shipping and possible return are free.

Our values are summed up in two key words: Mediterranean freshness. We do not want to forget our roots and, at the same time, we take care of the needs of modern women, who move much more, who innovate and are demanding.

From the most essential colors such as white, black or camel to the daring sky blue and silver, the versatility of the sandals weekend Pedro Miralles is indisputable. Perfect for special events that do not require a too formal look, to go to the office or business meetings with blazer and pants or to create summer looks with thin blouses or crop tops.

We guarantee that Weekend heeled sandals will become an essential in your wardrobe background.

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